Webinar Overview: Advanced Skills for Trauma Resolution

Presented by Dave Ebaugh, LCSW

In 2016 learned a new therapy call Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART®), a derivation of EMDR. These are therapies utilizing principles of memory reconsolidation, a natural brain process that helps the brain adapt to new experiences and update existing memories to better reflect reality.

The work is very straightforward and resolves triggering, panic attacks, shame and specific anxieties. It’s also effective at resolving childhood trauma. A treatment course can run two months, more often it’s only a few visits. I have more than 8,000 clinic hours treating disorders of extreme stress. In this overview I will be sharing some of the key principles I’ve learned that makes this work so effective.


This two hour webinar is designed to provide an overview of trauma from an attachment and neurobiological perspective and offer a breakdown of how to reliably and predictably initiate memory reconsolidation to facilitate rapid trauma resolution. The webinar will include a viewing of a complete treatment session demonstrating principles and techniques. I’ll then provide commentary and a question and answer period. You’ll also receive an overview of the seven steps of rapid trauma recovery and learn tools and guidelines for doing trauma recovery work in person or over telehealth.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to assess initial severity of trauma or dysregulation impairment and gauge improvement in the first session using 3 standardized assessment questionnaires.
  • Explain the importance of educating your client on nervous system and stress regulation from a physiological and attachment perspective.
  • Establish a framework for retraining your client’s nervous system using memory reconsolidation.
  • Understand how memory reconsolidation is initiated in the session using imaginal exposure and stress regulation techniques.
  • Use imagery, metaphor and focused relaxation to address treatment hesitation and overcome learned helplessness and other stuck points stemming from complex trauma experiences.

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